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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 3, 2013, 1:16 PM
HEY EVERYONE! I hope you're all doing well. Sorry for the inactivity but i can show you all what i've been working on!
After several months working on artbook projects, I’m proud to finally announce that this illustration fanbook is ready for preorders!! \Q7Q/

???? by Lo-wah

Eternal Bonds

A Fire Emblem Awakening Artbook

39 Artists | 60 Pages | Full color

Letter Size; Paperback and Perfect bound

$25 per book! 

50+ pages of illustrations based on the newest Fire Emblem game, revolving around the theme of "Bonds."
This book is an amazing collaboration between 29 wonderful and talented artists and 10 honorable guest artists! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ ‘

Main Artists:

Bev // Biree // Blue // Rehmiel // Dii // Dee //
LN // Gisu // Hyoon //Jiin // JP // Kaysee //
Kiro // Kura // Lucsh // Lowah // Melly // Minaku //
Nozmo // Poiv // Sana // Squ // Taka // Tara // 
Tempura // Troffie // Velvet // Yssa // Zearyu

Guest Artsts:
Billies // Carla // F-wd // Kimqi // Kumi //
Sei // Shiu // Syn // Vodka // Yuuba

Preorders start now and end December 20th!

Blossom bullet by AutumnHoneyPreorder Packages!!Blossom bullet by AutumnHoney

All preordered books come with 2 free prism cards of artwork that are featured in this book. The prism cards will be chosen at random *~*/

Prism Card Preview 2 by Lo-wah

For a limited time (and while supplies last) I’ll be offering special preorder packages only during the preorder period!

This is a limited supply so get them while they last!

Blossom bullet by AutumnHoneyC-Support Preorder Bonus!Blossom bullet by AutumnHoney


A small upgrade from the normal preorder package,
this bonus includes the artbook and all four of the prism cards!

Charm Preview by Lo-wah

Blossom bullet by AutumnHoneyB-Support Preorder Bonus!Blossom bullet by AutumnHoney


Along with the artbook and two free prism cards,
you will receive one double-sided acrylic charm of a character of your choice!

Blossom bullet by AutumnHoneyA-Support Preorder Bonus!Blossom bullet by AutumnHoney


An upgrade from the B-support preorder bonus, this bonus includes the artbook,
one double-sided acrylic charm of a character of your choice, and all four prism cards!

Blossom bullet by AutumnHoneyS-Support Preorder Bonus!Blossom bullet by AutumnHoney

In this special package,
you will receive the artbook, all four prism cards, and all three of the double-sided acrylic charms!

(if charms receive high enough demand, I’ll open more preorders for them! )

[ ✶✧ PREORDER HERE!! ✧✶ ]

Preorders start now and end December 20th!

Blossom bullet by AutumnHoneyShipping + Otakon VegasBlossom bullet by AutumnHoney

As listed in the storenvy options:

Shipping anywhere in the United States is $8
Shipping to Canada is $10
International shipping is $12

Projected shipping dates are anywhere between late January to early February. ;7;
Please understand that I’ll be in school and I don't have a car (and i'm only one person *sobbing*).

The artbooks will also be available to purchase at Otakon Vegas this January 3-5th in Las Vegas, Nevada!
If you’re going to the convention and would like to pick up there, please chose the “pick up at Otakon Vegas” option when you choose shipping! *3*

*takes a deep breath*

Thank you for pausing to read all of this a;slfk;afk This is my first time organizing an artbook ever and it was REALLY FUN AND EXCITING WEH
All the artists in this book are fans of the Fire Emblem games and extremely talented and beautiful and wonderful and ;alf;alsfk just really great people. I got to meet new people and share my love for this game with them. If you're a fan of the Fire Emblem series, please consider getting a copy!!


Blossom bullet by AutumnHoneyFollow the artbook's Tumblr blog for updates, previews, and FAQ!!Blossom bullet by AutumnHoney

I'll be happy to answer questions here so please leave a comment if there's anything you need to know!
(but please check the blog's faq in case it was already answered ghghgh)

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Online shop officially open!!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 5:05 PM
Hi guys! I'd like to announce that I finally opened my own Storenvy shop!

Click the image below to go to the store! :la:

In case anyone missed me at Anime Expo or Fanime, I'm going to have a brief sale on my posters:

update by Lo-wah
After Anime Expo, I'm going to be raising the prices of my posters, both online and at con. So until the 31st, I will be selling my posters at their Anime Expo price: $12 a piece.
Unfortunately I cannot implement the con discounts with storenvy so there will be no discount for buying multiple posters.

Buy posters now before prices go up!!


Also at my shops are lots of buttons and customizable keychains!

77589828eb5e11e2bb3e22000a1fb8a8 7 by Lo-wah662ad790eb5f11e2a77f22000a9e29a0 7 by Lo-wah4db24ed4eb6211e29fb622000aaa1012 7 by Lo-wahA7ae7a04c35111e285f822000a9e5e0a 7 by Lo-wah

I'll be posting the full button collections on DA sometime soon. I hope you'll all look forward to it! *7*

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Anime Expo 2013 Table D33!!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 30, 2013, 3:04 PM
Ax Table by Lo-wah
Hey everyone! Long time no see again ;alskf;aslfk;asf OTLLLL

Anime Expo is just around the corner and I still haven't announced where i'm sitting HAHAHAh I'm going to be sitting at table D33!
AX hasn't released an official map yet from what i know but our row is right next to the copic booth. I'm tabling in between :iconzearyu: and :iconmellymerry:/:icondr-jiin: so please visit us! This year :iconhama-chama: is gonna be my helper so don't get confused HAHAH I'm the nerdy looking asian girl with the dumb hat :iconkawaiilazeplz: I'm also going to be cosplaying! Looking forward to seeing you all! :la:

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2013 Summer Con Schedule + Surveyyyy

Journal Entry: Sat May 4, 2013, 11:54 PM
Hello everyone! Long time no talk! Q7O I hope everyone is doing well... A little update on life, I'll soon be ending my junior year at art school and man I am totally not prepared to become an adult HAHAHA. I've been on a long hiatus working on my portfolio (not that it's any good really... hahah) I'm looking forward to possible internships this summer so hopefully i can update DA on that soon.
but summer is quickly approaching and I've got two cons that I'll be attending!

At the end of May, I'll be attending Fanime in San Jose. I haven't gotten our table locations yet so I'll create a new journal or update this one with that information. I know for sure though that I'll be sitting next to zearyu so I'm really excited~

And then in July I'll be attending Anime Expo again in Los Angeles yayyyyyy~ Table locations and who i'll be sitting with/sharing tables with are still in planning so I can't say much about that. But hopefully I'll be sitting with a group of friends this year hahah OTL

Now for the important part. I've always been curious and interested in what my followers/watchers found interesting when they go visit Artist Alley and what kind of items you're all most interested in purchasing. I know i can just make a poll here on DA but i think it would be really limited. Besides google docs makes some amazing forms heheh~ Anyway, if some of you could fill this survey out, it would really help me out in planning what prints/buttons/keychains to prepare.
(note: i will have my old merch available. this survey is just to prepare new items for this summer)

Filling out the form will also help me out in the future when I finally complete my storeenvy account! So if you're interested in buying some of my merch but can't come to these cons, look out for when my storeenvy opens~ <3 Thank you for reading!

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Animation on Display 2013!!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 6:22 PM
Oh god I didn't realize until today that there's only two weeks until AoD OTLL I haven't even started on new merch HAHAH good thing i'm just selling left overs.

If any of you guys are in the Bay Area of Northern California, stop by Animation on Display in Japantown, San Francisco! *7*/ It's during the weekend after Valentine's Day (Feb 16-17) and I'll be tabling with my good friend Lenqi and next to DustBunnyThumper and yssab~ My table number is 5! :iconyeyplz:

AA Layout by Lo-wah
I'm going to be selling left over prints because I seriously need to CLEAR OUT cries so things will most likely be on discount :iconredsparklesplz: Please don't hesitate to stop by and say hi! *A* It's been a while since i've artist alley'd hahaha~

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Secret Valentine Wishlist

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 5:31 PM
Hey guys-- DON'T MIND THIS JUST A WISHLIST GHGHGH I'M SORRY after all this time i update my journal with such a thing :iconimcryingsomuchplz:
I missed all those cool Xmas ones so here's me joining a Valentines one. I think i'll only be participating this one for now-- makes sense since all my OCs are dudes :iconpapmingplz: Please forgive this crude wishlist i'veneveractuallymadeonebefore;;;
:iconboys-exchange: thank you for the invite <333

:pointr:This is Valentine's so i hope you don't mind a couple first hand-- I WOULD REALLY REALLY LOVE IT if you drew my numba one-- /slapped hahah my character Ty and zearyu's character Yang together. u///u

LoX: Taiyang Sun 'Ty' 952 by Lo-wah LoX - Yang by zearyu their References sheeets
Ty is the older of the two and super smiley happy-go-luck type of guy who loves to make everyone uncomfortable with his constant shining optimism. Yang is just as happy-go-lucky and innocent, however he's often nervous and embarrassed by displays of affections. Their relationship can be described as a... mushy gushy one HAHAHA
Just some examples of their interactions--
Happy Birthday Vanny by Lo-wahLoX: Double Date by Lo-wahLoX: Smile! by Lo-wahunused page by zearyu

IF IT'S NOT TOO MUCH TROUBLEEE, i would really like them to be wearing casual wear-- not their suits. Ty is the type to wear classy-casual fushion (so think asian fashion model LOL) and Yang is terrible at dressing himself so he's the type to wear whatever-- mostly loose, baggy casual clothes.

/slaps them away-- BUT IF COUPLES AREN'T YOUR THING these guys can be drawn solo/chokes

MAGE: Jamie Park by Lo-wah
:pointr:Jamie Park 13. Super shy and timid kid that likes playing video games. When he's in his MAGE form he becomes much more confident. He also has a few friends you can draw him with this was so hard to decide because all his friends are girls OTL :
Theo: [x, x] (friends due to Theo's extreme enthusiasm and loving personality. He gives him sweets)
Chester: [x] (good friends, Jamie looks up to him as a older brother figure and admires him. Chester looks after Jamie as well.)
If it interests you, Jamie also has alternate forms:
MAGE: Alternate Forms by Lo-wah my favorite out of the bunch being his Mature form. 

DA Fantasia - Nikolai Oseni by Lo-wah
:pointr:Nikolai Oseni 17. He's a super loner, he has no friends LOLOL But a solo picture of him is fine. *7* He's supposed to be RPG-esque so any fantasy setting is fine. More refs: [x, x, x]

And if you're feeling super adventurous
Character Sheet: Rehmir by Lo-wah
 :pointr:Rehmir (supposedly 15). One of my favorite original character designs. He can be simply described as the angel of death, a being who's cursed. He best fits into a dark fantasy type setting-- TOTALLY NOT VALENTINE'S MATERIAL AT ALL HAHAH Just here for your non-lovey dovey pleasure.

hahah i'm actually kinda sad that i don't have more OCs :iconrlytearplz: But thank you secret cupid! If you want to ask me something on anon please feel free to send me an ask on tumblr!

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Thank you for the HBDs!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 6:44 PM
Hye everyone!! Gosh that previous journal is so old :icongtthplz: Long time no talk ahaha;;

I really wanted to say thank you all so much for wishing me a happy birthday!! QuQ They all really made my day! There were so many weird and bad things happening to me and my friends this week i swear my birthday was going to have something bad happen... But honestly, reading all the birthday wishes and the little things people made me and did for me made my birthday really one of the most i've enjoyed in a while. :iconimcryingsomuchplz:

So really thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! I'm going to try and reply to every comment soon, even though i'm probably just going to be saying thank you over and over again. BUT I REALLY DO MEAN IT /SOB/ And let me just rub it in everyone's face that there are some incredibly wonderful people out there.

Thank you :iconrunicfencer:, :iconzearyu:, :iconkyuutan-megumi:, :iconriingo:, and :iconrubisu: for drawing me little gifts ;o;

MAGE :: HBD Rehmiel and Lo-wah! by runicfencerHappy EAAARLY birthday lowaahhh by zearyuHappy Birthday @Lowarghh!! Hehe I hope you have an amazing da... on Twitpic

And thank you so much to :iconraburabbit::iconronoia::iconkoupan::iconmochiwadaisuki::iconavodkabottle::iconzearyu::iconaeriim::iconrubisu::iconhama-chama::iconkirostyle::icondustbunnythumper::iconrubitan: for making this bootifur card!!

2012-10-14 16.53.55 by Lo-wah


And extra yelling at RabuRabbit and Ronoia because they're moe and the keychains were so moe and gorgeous //hangs them up on my desk// u//_//u And Rono for the picture a;lsf;afkf ;lka;fk so cute kya

Img 20121014 164451 by Lo-wahImg 20121012 142429 by Lo-wah

And i'll just slap some extra pictures of food from my birthday because birthdays mean GOOD FOOD HNRGH

Img 20121011 175215 by Lo-wah Img 20121011 235441 by Lo-wah
Img 20121012 181033 by Lo-wah 376aa32e165b11e283fe22000a1d0cf6 7 by Lo-wah

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Guess where I am??

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 10, 2012, 2:10 AM
Hey everyone~ It's been a very lovely week i think u7u At least for me it has been-- along with tired, sweaty and bug-bitten ahahah~

But just for those who are curious... I'm in Canada right now!! 8DDDDDD THIS IS MY FIRST TIME IN CANADA-- I'm in Edmonton of the Alberta region and i'm here mostly for business arrarrarr. I would have announced it earlier but... i had some issues and i felt consciously troubled so i didn't want to... spread the news ;7;

But anyway~ I'm here in Edmonton staying with :iconzearyu:!! She's very persuasive and she got me to drag my lazy ass up from lovely southern California to mosquito country Edmonton u 7 u I'm also here to attend Animethon 19~!! It's a local con here in Edmonton and Zearyu is also the lead Artist alley coordinator for the con~ meaning i get special treatment AHAHAHAHAH--/hit

So if you're from edmonton or are just coming to visit the con, feel free to stop by o 7o/ I highly doubt i'll be in canada again... for probably a couple years ahaha;; college is terribly busy. OTL Though it is my dream to attend one of the bigger Canada cons ehe~ But yeah this will be my last con of the summer and i really want to end it on a high note. The worst thing that can happen is i go back to school disappointed.... :iconcryforeverplz:

I'm gonna be sitting right next to Zearyu (but she's going to be busy doing coordinator stuff) so come by and visit us if you can u vu Here are our locations~

To my commissioners: i'm cannot express the amount and the extent that i am sorry for being so late with your commissions. I've been having a lot of trouble emotionally and there have been family problems that hindered me and my creative processes, and as much as i wanted to work on the commissions i was overloaded with things to prepare for the summer conventions. I am doing all i can to make these the best illustrations i can muster so i hope you can forgive me once they're done.

with that i bid you all goodnight. Thank you for reading m(_ _)m

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Life update? not really

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 15, 2012, 6:51 PM
Hey everyone, long time no see. The last time i wrote a journal it was me announcing i was going to be at fanime. Hahahah wow that was a while ago. :iconmingplz:

First off i want to apologize (not sure if anyone would care but it doesn't hurt to do it i guess?) for not announcing that i was going to be at AM2 and Anime Expo this year, although i'm pretty sure it was obvious that i was at least going to go to Anime Expo hahaha. I wanted to make announcements, and write follow-ups for each one, but a lot got in the way... But thank you very much to everyone that came to my table and said hi or just bought something from me. I really appreciate it ;u;

As for the hiatus. I only really set it there because i haven't been really active in socializing on DA. I've neglected my RP groups and i haven't been posting any of my art (i still have a couple that i've yet to post) and i haven't been replying to anybody's comments. I'm sorry for that. I think i replied to all my notes but they might have gotten buried as i was checking my messages. Please tell me if you sent me a note and i haven't replied to it yet. OTL

I try to have a relationship with my watchers because i don't want to give off the impression that i'm ignoring you all :iconlazycryplz: But seriously, thank you guys for leaving comments, or favoriting my art, or anything really. It really brightens my day to read all the kind words left on my art and page. T_T I would love to reply to every one of them, i really do. I even tried to do that for my last few deviations hahaha;; But i have a lot to do right now... and my summer vacation is already closing in.

Well anyway, thank you guys for enjoying my art. I hope you continue to look forward to it. ; v;

And thank you vanny for the sub-- even though i'm wasting it by being on hiatus HAHAHA /shot

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Hey everyone!! I should have made a journal earlier but here's my table location! I will be at T119, next to :iconzearyu:
My table is also the official table of the Anime Angels Artbook :iconanimeangelsbook: and we will be selling copies of the book there! Check out the Anime Angels DA page for more info on the artbook~ <33

A map of my location and a bunch of others made by the lovely Viceversa~
Fanime 2012 mini AA map by twitchhhhh

Please don't hesitate to stop by and say hi! >v<
It's been forever! Q7Q Now that i found a hotel room for fanime time to take that derp journal off my front page hahahah~
So.. how is everyone? College is so busy... it really sucks not being able to draw for myself as often as i wish i could. :iconlazycryplz: But i guess it's ok if you guys didn't even notice i was gone HAHAH But yeahhhh! My 2nd year of college is finally over! OTL College is going by so fast gahhh. Too fast for my taste. BUT I GUESS I HAVE A WHOLE SUMMER TO LOOK FORWARD TO~

Speaking of, I have three, potentially four, Conventions i'm going to be attending over the summer! The first is Fanime, which is during memorial day weekend (may 25th-28th). I have a lot of crap that i need to do for that :iconlazycryplz: But i hope i'll have everything relatively done by then~
The next is AM2, which will be held at Anaheim from June 15th-17th! It's gonna be a small con but i'll be tabling next to RabuRabbit and CocaKura~ I hope to see you guys there!
Last but not least i'll be at Anime Expo again, tabling alongside my great friends from :iconlaw-of-x:!! *O* I'm really excited to meet everyone ahhhh//// If you guys go to any of these cons, don't hesitate to stop by and say hi! Although i'm infamous for being super awkward/shy or maybe even obnoxious without me even realizing it so... plz be patient with me OTLLLL

ALSO--- This is still in planning but i'm going to try and go to Canada over the summer and attend Animethon in Edmonton! *7* I'll be hanging out with :iconzearyu: there and anybody else who happen to live nearby a;lkf;asf;lafk gwahhh this summer is going to be so exciting and eventfull hnnnng i'm just sad if it'll go by too fast OTL SO yeah! If any of you live near edmonton and plan to go to the Con, i'll most likely be there. *CROSSES FINGERS*

Alright, time for a plug-in/advertisement~
Two of my friends are holding commissions right now :iconlilbang: and :iconronoia: They both need halp with finances so please give them a look u//v//u
Some of Lilbang's work~ you should definitely check out her artwork for the realism/painting genre *p* Supa gorgeous~
AoH Winter Ball: The Cursed Right Guard by LilbangAoH - Incarnatus Teacher by LilbangAmacosplayinguniformforthehell by Lilbang
Commission: NurseFruityxDrAma by LilbangKatanagatari by Lilbang
Her commission information over here~

And here's some of Rono's art! Her art is really cute and light-hearted~ I love her bright colors and soft shading ;v;
MAGE: BoF by RonoiaLoX: untitle by RonoiaHappyValentinesDayahem// by Ronoia
commission samples by Ronoiaplay a song by Ronoia
commission samples 2 by Ronoia
and her commission info is over here!

Thank you all for all the comments, favs, and watches in the past year! QuQ I really appreciate it all! :iconmuahplz: Thank you for reading!!

Fanime HELP!!! - Looking for hotel room

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 18, 2012, 5:36 PM

Got a hotel room! Thanks for all the help! Q7Q

Hello guys! It's been a while since i've written a journal whoa. But i'm in a little crisis here and i need help. OTL

Me and :iconzearyu: are going to be attending the Fanime artist alley this year but my original plan to room with one of my friends ended up not working out (and our back up also didn't work out) so we are now homeless for that entire weekend OTL

So if there is anyone out there who knows of someone that needs roommates, or are willing to squeeze us in, please let me know! We're both more than willing to help pay for hotel money and bring some food and i'll be more than happy to offer free arts and pins and other things. I would prefer it if I knew you at least a little bit so that there is no awkward stranger thing going on but at this rate, with just one month left before the con, I'm a bit desperate. +_+;;;

Thank you for reading! And any sort of help is really appreciative! ;o;


Anime Angels Artbook: 6 DAYS LEFT!!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 3:32 PM

Only six days are left to preorder the Anime Angels Artbook. Any amount of donation will help immensely so please consider taking a look. ;v; Thank you!

Anime Angels, published and organized by MaronMedia, is an Original Character artbook featuring over 60 artists all around deviantart and the world. The theme is based around the title of the book "anime angels" and includes artists' interpretations of said theme. All the art has been collected and organized and now we're at the stage of sending them off to printing.
Preorders are now open at Kickstarter!

Bruce, the editor of Maron Media, even made two trailers for the artbook and posted them on youtube.
The first one can be viewed here: and the second "editor's story" can be viewed here:

For more information on the artbook, here are some links to check out.

Anime Angels landing/splash page
Anime Angels "Kickstarter" page
(you can preorder here!)
Press release page

While the video shows previews of a couple of the illustrations in the artbook, i have some previews of my own~

I was lucky enough to be able to feature two illustrations in the book!

Maron Media needs all the help they can get to get these books published so please spread the word!
I'm really excited to see it together. I hope you look forward to it too!

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Thank you so much / Hiatus / Yaoi-con 2011

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 13, 2011, 7:35 PM

Hi guys! I'm sorry i've been really inactive recently, a lot has been going on. ;v;
But i wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes the other day!! Thank you all so much. I felt really touched.


And to feature the lovely pictures these people drew for me~ :iconyeyplz:

Happy Birthday Laura by LilbangHBD LOWAHWAHWAH by RabuRabbitTO Lowah by Servent-of-Melodies

...I think this is a good indication of where my head's been in the past two months. u vu I've been geeking out about Tales of Xillia on Tumblr so much hahahah it's taken up a lot of my attention.
Anyway, thank you so much! If you drew me something please let me know! I don't come to DA that often anymore so i most likely missed something... :icondesucryplz:

But now onto the not so happy stuff. I'm on a mini hiatus again. It's not necessarily school work that's keeping me away from DA, but I feel really depressed when i come here. I've been in an art slump for a while now and even though i've been submitting things here and there, they're not my best works and i really don't like seeing them because they constantly remind me that i'm not putting enough effort into drawing and coloring. It's just not fun for me anymore...
Lately i've been feeling like my creativity is deteriorating. Even though i color or draw something well... i don't feel satisfied with it. So i've only been doodling these days. With doodles, i don't feel like i'm constantly being judged about how much effort i put into drawing.

Tl;dr - I'm in a slump and i'm slowly trying to get out of it.

Luckily my priority is simply to get better at coloring with photoshop and continue to work on my artbook illustrations. But even with those, i'm afraid that they won't turn out as great as i hope...


In other not so depressing news, I'm going to be tabling at Yaoi-con, which is happening next week on Oct. 21st! I'm working on some new prints and buttons for the con and i have to say that i'm really excited for it! I just hope i'll be able to finish in time... ;A; so much to do ahhhhh

Thanks for reading! I don't know when i'll be back... but i hope it'll be soon.

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Pros/Cons meme

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2011, 12:31 AM
:bulletred:Gallery:bulletred:Sketch Account:bulletred:Commission Info:bulletred:Keychain Sale Info:bulletred:Button Sale info:bulletred:Livestream:bulletred:

Tumblr || Formspring || Pixiv
_ _ _ _ _ _______________________________________ _ _ _ _ _

I really didn't want to do this, but i saw so many in my journal messages that i thought "why the heck not?" And i am curious =v=

Please feel free to be brutally honest! I won't judge you (unless you insult me) :iconsparklesplz: You don't have to answer all of them, just answer what you'd like to GET ACROSS MY FACE HAHA Critiques or jokes or just being honest is welcome~ Thank you for answering!

01. I like when you draw: ___.
02. I wish you drew more: ___.
03. I wish you drew more fanart of: ___.
04. I wish you drew more original art of: ___.
05. I wish you drew a comic or4koma of/about: ___.
06. I wish you made a tutorial about: ___.
07. My favorite part of your work is: ___.

08. I dislike when you draw: ___.
09. I wish you drew less: ___.
10. My least favorite part of your work is: ___.

11. If I had to describe your work I'd say: ___.
12. If I had a question to ask about your work it'd be: ___?
13. The main strength & weakness of your work is: ___ & ___
14. Anything else?

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I'm writing this in a random motel room

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 4, 2011, 2:41 AM
:bulletred:Gallery:bulletred:Sketch Account:bulletred:Commission Info:bulletred:Keychain Sale Info:bulletred:Button Sale info:bulletred:Livestream:bulletred:

Tumblr || Formspring || Pixiv
_ _ _ _ _ _______________________________________ _ _ _ _ _

Yo! It's been a while since i've written a journal here XD Might as well keep my life status updated somehow

As the title says, i'm writing this journal in the middle of the night in a motel room because i'm moving from my hometown in Southern California to Northern California where my college is. I have an apartment up there :'D I've had a long and eventful summer (from May to September holy shit that's like four months of vacation OTL) but now it's time to get my ass in gear and start school again.

I'll be arriving at my apartment tomorrow morning and gonna be spending the whole day unpacking. And then right after labor day weekend, my fall semester begins. Oh god i don't know if i'm ready to go back to school OTL But maybe now is a good time to get some activity into my life like probably everyone else all i've been doing this summer was sit in front of the computer So i'm gonna be going back into a busy life. I dunno if my social life will improve but i'll just have to see XD

The only affect this move will have on my life here on DA is that i will no longer have paint tool SAI Q__Q my baby... *cry forever* I don't remember how my skills were on just photoshop alone, but hopefully it's not that bad and i'll be able to draw and submit stuff like i always have :D

Before my summer ends i just wanted to take this time to thank every one of you guys who've commented, favorited, and or watched my page. You guys are incredibly wonderful and reading comments really make my day. I'm sorry if i don't end up replying to your comments or other things, but i always read them ;u; Thank you all for your support and I hope that my art will continue to please you guys!! *:iconbrohugplz: everyone*

Until next time! 8D

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Law of X Artbook!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 8:03 PM
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Copy and pasting is the legit way to go~

Yes it is true, Law of X's very first artbook is currently underway! We have over 60 of our talented members participating, and an estimated 100+ pages of illustrations in this compilation.

In Law of X: Fashion Quarterly (LoX:FQ), you can see our characters modeling various fashion styles ranging from seasonal wear, to cultural wear, and just about all other types of styles you can think of.

But in order to make this a reality, we will need your help!

We will be using a website called Kickstarter to fund this project. By pre-ordering, you can earn limited edition rewards such as a set of LoX themed postcards drawn by the lovely yooani, and original LoX pins by group founder WikiME that won't be available at any other time. You will need an Amazon account in order to donate. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing program which will only fund us if we reach our goal. Therefore, if we don't reach our goal, your money will be fully refunded to you.

Unfortunately we don't have samples of the book yet because we have just launched this project. We intend to have the book done and printed in January if funding goes as planned, so you'll be able to see previews by December. Unfortunately, Kickstarter only allows us a funding period of 60 days, so pre-ordering ends on October 1 (and you won't be able to order any more of the special limited edition items after that). But if you advertise LoX:FQ on dA (during this pre-order period) and let us know with a link, we'll put your name into a raffle drawing for a free set of all the limited edition postcards and pins. Just send a note to toypanda and she'll put your name on the list.

We hope you're as excited as we are to get this project going!

:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::star:LINK TO PRE-ORDERS & DONATIONS✖::star::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

Main Artists

Guest Artists


And on an unrelated note: My AX sale is still going on~
Post-Con Sale: Prints, Keychains, Buttons

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LAST CHANCE!! Post-con Merch sale!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 22, 2011, 5:02 PM
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:star:Hello everyone! In less than two weeks i'm going to be moving into my new apartment in Northern California. Right after that, school will be starting again. As such, this will be the last time i'll be able to send out orders before i move. I probably won't open sales again for another couple months (probably after yaoi-con)
If you'd like to purchase my merch, buy it now before it's too late! >:Y :star:


Please refer to my updated Keychain journal for the full details + sample photos:…

Since i recently purchased a laminating machine, i can make keychains on demand. So no more worrying about keychains being out of stock XD Just give me the names of the characters that you want to purchase and i'll be able to make them.
HETALIA - Chibi Keychains Set1 by Lo-wahHETALIA - Chibi Keychains Set2 by Lo-wahHETALIA - Chibi Keychains Set3 by Lo-wahHETALIA - Chibi Keychains Set4 by Lo-wah
Star Driver chibi-Keychains by Lo-wah
Panty and Stocking merch by Lo-wahAo no Exorcist merch by Lo-wah

:pointr: You can choose between ball-and-chain or cellphone strap. Each cellphone strap comes with a small bell

:pointr: Pricing
$3.00 EACH
2 for $5.00
3 for $7.00
4 for $10.00
5 for $12.00
Five is the highest discount price. If you want more, add $3 for each extra you buy, or combine discount prices.
If you just want to buy keychains only, please use the order form in my keychain journal

My buttons are fairly new since AX was the first time i ever sold them. I made a new separate journal just for my buttons:…

Ao no Exorcist merch by Lo-wahPanty and Stocking merch by Lo-wahButtons Summer 2011 by Lo-wah

:pointr: Pricing
$2.00 EACH
2 for $3.00
4 for $6.00
Special: Oofuri set (all 10 members) = $10.00
If you just want to buy buttons only, please use the order form in my button journal

My prints come in four different sizes: 11in x 17in large poster, 11in x 14in medium poster, 8in x 12in prints, and 4in x 6in mini postcard prints.
Here's a hopefully useful size comparison photo:

:pointr:11in x17in posters:
APH Mafia - the Asia Family by Lo-wahAoEx: Go go go by Lo-wahTales of: GUY vs FLYNN by Lo-wahToA: ION vs SYNC by Lo-wah
STOCKING vs KNEESOCKS by Lo-wahPANTY vs SCANTY by Lo-wahDRRR - Double Sided by Lo-wah
:pointr:11in x14in medium posters:
Young Justice Tower by Lo-wahStar Driver: +DAZZLE+ by Lo-wahAPH - Russia's Dream ver 2 by Lo-wahBlue Exorcist by Lo-wah
Okumura Brothers by Lo-wahPANTY vs SCANTY by Lo-wahSTOCKING vs KNEESOCKS by Lo-wahTales of: GUY vs FLYNN by Lo-wahToA: ION vs SYNC by Lo-wah
:pointr:8in x 12in prints:
Young Justice Tower by Lo-wahTales of: Abyss x Vesperia by Lo-wahAPH - Russia's Dream ver 2 by Lo-wahAPH - Urban Korea by Lo-wah
LoZ: Spirit Tracks by Lo-wahPokemon:: HG+SS by Lo-wahToX - Jude Mathis by Lo-wahAoEx: Go go go by Lo-wah
:pointr:4in x 6in postcard prints:
LoZ: Spirit Tracks by Lo-wahGhostTrick: Lynne and Friends by Lo-wah
omg that is a shit ton of prints OTL

:pointr: Pricing
11x17 posters: $10 each; 2 for $16
11x14 posters: $8 each; 2 for $14
8x12 prints: $5 each
4x6 postcard: $2 each

I accept both Paypal and mailed money orders. Please make sure that your payment is in US dollars ONLY. Also, i prefer paypal since it's quicker.

Everything will be shipped with USPS first class mail. Shipping will be a bit different depending on what you want to buy: keychains and pins will be sent in envelopes, smaller prints will be sent in large envelopes, and posters will be sent in tubes
Keychains and/or pins:
USA: $2
Canada: $3
Poster prints:
USA: $3-$5
Canada: $4-$6

:star:How to Order::star:
(Please use this form if you want to buy prints or any combination of keychains, buttons, and prints.)

> Send me a note with the subject labeled as "AX sale"
> If you're not a DA user, please send me an email at
> Please provide the following info:

Name(or username):
Shipping address:
Payment Method: (paypal or money order)
-Keychains: (if any)(if you order keychains, please specify which type)
-Buttons: (if any)
-Prints: (if any)
Total cost:

> Depending on what you order, i'll determine your shipping cost. Then I will reply with either my paypal address or my mailing address depending on which payment method you chose. **Please attach a note along with your payment stating who you are from DA.**
> I'll contact you either through email or DA note when i sent out your items. =]
> You don't have to do this, but once you receive the items, please tell me. I want to make sure they get to their rightful places.
> I'm going to try the slot system this time. Each category of items have their own slots. So if you're buying just keychains, or just buttons, your slot will be placed in those journals. Any larger orders will be placed here

:star: Slots:star:

Waiting List

If you have any questions, please comment here and i'll try to get to you as quickly as possible. Thanks for stopping by!!

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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 5, 2011, 11:59 PM


I probably gonna do this for the next few days before lowah kick me out of her house *tear*


So how's life?

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I suck at this journal thing

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 9, 2011, 9:08 PM

Hey guys! It's been almost two weeks since i've been home from fanime lol After i came home, i immediately started working on preparing for Anime Expo XD;;; so i've been a little busy again ahahahaha

On Fanime, i have to say it was the best artist alley experience i could have asked for. Everyone at fanime was so nice and eager to talk to the artists >v< All i remember from AX last year was that i was nervous and anxious, so i wasn't sure how to react to people. And i felt that people were too much in a hurry at AX. o_o But fanime was different. It was great! Thank you to everyone who visited and said hi or bought my stuff! /o/

Now for anime expo, i'm going to be making a few more prints and i'm getting a button machine 8) So expect some button designs coming up! I can't wait to get to work! :la: I'll also be cosplaying this year! I really hope i can do it OTL i'm losing so much time trying to do everything at once ahhhh I'm going to be cosplaying Teito, my original character, and Rin from Blue Exorcist for sure! 8D I'm also going to try to cosplay as Yuri from Tales of Vesperia and Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia, but they're more tentative because i don't know if i'll be able to finish their costumes.

Wahhh i'm so excited again!

I'm going to be sitting next to :iconraburabbit: again this year. We're gonna be a row made up of me, Rabu, :iconxxxrushi:, and :iconzearyu:. So any of you Academy of Heroes people out there should definitely come over and say hi 8D. I'm gonna be sharing my table with :iconlilbang: (but she's not going to be selling) so there will be a lot to look forward to. I guarantee it!

I would post a map of the alley, but i don't think the staff have fixed it up yet. But once they do, i'll be sure to post it 8)

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